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IT Operating Model

The new IT operating model provides an integrated decision framework for Ag Technologies IT to translate business needs into specific IT technologies and services.

IT Cost Optimization

Mainframe cost optimization is the art and science of delivering critical business services at the same level or better, and doing it faster and cheaper.

Transforming Outsourcing

Transformational outsourcing is an emerging practice, but the track record of companies that have engaged in it is impressive.

Customer Relationship Management

Manufacturing leaders know, gaining and retaining a customer's business requires more than just providing a solid service or product.

ERP Solutions

Productivity and Success go hand-in-hand when it comes to consistent growth for any business is a perfect ERP solution to achieve that.

Supply Chain Management

Globalization, fast changing markets and quality and compliance are a few areas that can affect your business.

Cloud Advisory Services

Unlock business value in the cloud with professional advisory services. We have the expertise to help you clarifying the impact of any Cloud transition on the entire organization

Infrastructure Optimization

AG uses proven methodology and leading edge tools to create secure, well-managed, and dynamic infrastructures that reduce overall IT costs while optimizing use of IT resources.

Data Analytics And Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a technology-based process of analyzing data and presenting actionable insights to help business users make informed decisions.

Our Outsourcing Services

AG can help your company transform its business operations
to become everything you want it to be.

Application Outsourcing

Outsourcing is among the cost-cutting tools that appear to be losing favor as executives seek growth.

Infrastructure Outsourcing

AG Technologies provides economical, secure and responsive infrastructure to help your business achieve heights.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Disruptive and transformative factors across value chains and outsourcing ecosystems require the business to adapt.

Finance And Accounting BPO

We offer comprehensive service offerings that support end-to-end functions, aimed at enabling our clients with cost savings.

Procurement outsourcing

We offer our associates the platform to grow their support model spanning an entire life cycle.

Health Administration BPO

To add to the expertise, our hands-on experience in business processes and IT systems of health insurance providers.

Nothing is Beyond Us!

Our promise is to transform your business while you are busy building it.

We strive to come up with 360 degrees solutions for all your requirements and are always open to new challenges. As and when faced with unique requirements, we reach out to our vast variety of employees and their substantial experience, the combination of which never fails in procuring solutions which meet your needs.


AG Technologies Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting services help clients achieve high performance by efficiently anticipating, meeting and exceeding their customers expectations.


We at AG Technologies believe that a rapid growth can be achieved only with smart delegation. Our clients are the experts of their trade and should continuously strive for growth and profitability. Leave the support to us! Outsource!


Electronic Business, often shortened to eBusiness or e-Business is one of the most upcoming forms of trade. A blend of information and communication technologies (ICT), this trend has hit the virtual world like a storm.

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